Monday, May 21, 2018

A Great Week! Turkish Inspired Eggs, Enjoying My Outdoor Space and Basil in a Hammock!

Hello Everyone!
So, it turns out that, I love my outdoor space even more than I thought that I would.  In fact, I am typing up this post while lounging in my hammock. 

Listening to my shows on my iPad while working on a blog in my hammock.  Life is good.

I feel so decadent.  And I am definitely going to make some modifications to the decor so that I can use it in the fall and winter.  (I am picturing chunky knit throw blankets, sweater pillows, a chiminea, and hot chocolate in a thermos.  I think that it will be marvelous!) 
Even Basil is getting in on the hammock action.  ( I tried to get Minnie to try it, but she doesn't trust a piece of furniture that sways.)
Isn't he looking great!?!?!  You can't even tell he has a blind eye.

He actually chilled with me on the hammock for quite a while.  I worried about him getting too hot, but this will be great when the weather starts to cool.

Chillin' and relaxin'.

Two things this "temporary" outdoor space has taught me is that I definitely want to be able to have electricity in my permanent outdoor space - if for no other reason than that I would like to have a ceiling fan.  If I could have a constant breeze, it would make lounging so much nicer. 

How awesome is this?!?!  It looks like a closed in space, but if you look closer its all faux walls and doors.  I love this as a thought for the mare permanent structure.

And that I need to spray/seed for ants.  (Something that I need to take care of sooner rather than later before they overrun my oasis.) 
But I'm thrilled to know that I have internet access even this far back in the back yard.  I'm going to watch movies on my kindle outdoors and have come out door meals here once I add a table and chairs - which may be as simple as painting the bistro table and chairs I already have - I'm not really sure as I think the table may be a little large for the space. 

I have actually had a good week last week - and considering the year that I have had- I am going to take that as a win. What has made it good you may be wondering? Well....  I discovered a new, healthy-ish, breakfast that I love and that I am trying to figure out how to make portable so that I can make it at work. (I am including the non-portable recipe in this post.)
The first week of the May Sumo tournament in Japan was last week and the bouts have been pretty interesting and intense.

I found a new anime cartoon that cracks me up called Pop Team Epic.

I captured this image on my phone from Amazon because I want to make a shirt with these two girls.  It will be my second sumo shirt that I can where when I am watching Sumo tournaments.  It just cracks me up that they are doing classic sumo poses here.

My car had to go back into the shop because something was up with the exhaust and I was sounding like a teenage boy without a muffler whenever I would drive - but it ended up being just a couple bolts that fell out and needed to be replaced, so it cost me very little to fix - much better than the over $1000 I had to put in it the beginning of this year - which is why it is going down as a win rather than a problem. 
This is the classic mini logo in Great Britain.  I don't know who to credit, so sorry!

I got to watch a royal wedding - always a plus for me. 

And I found out my place that I buy my specialty flavored olive oils and vinegar - Season to Taste- is moving just down the street from my house.
Huzzah!  This means that I no longer have to plan a special trip to refill my olive oil and vinegar.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me because going there before really was appointment shopping.
These little things all added up to a very good week.

Turkish Inspired Garlic Yogurt Eggs

This recipe was inspired by a classic Turkish breakfast.  I believe that I saw the first recipe for it in my Milkstreet magazine.  But I soon went online to see what the variations on the internet were.  This one from Saveur is one of the ones that sound the best and that I want to try, but I didn't have all the ingredients to do it, and I wanted breakfast NOW.

So I decided that I would improvise.

Even this much simpler variation on the recipe was delicious!!! 
Though I will warn about two things:  If you are used to sweet yogurt, this savory yogurt may come as a shock to you - but I didn't mind that at all, I loved the tang it had with the garlic, butter and egg yolk. The other thing that may get you is that the yogurt was colder than the egg - so I had moments where I was eating hot and cold at the same time.  I didn't care for that.  I think the solution to that problem is just to pull out the yogurt you are going to eat and let it get to room temperature before you eat it. (Most of the research that I did said that you can leave yogurt out of the fridge for up to two hours before you have to worry about harmful bacteria starting to grow.)

2 eggs
1/2 container of single serving plain Greek yogurt (I like Fage)
1-2 small cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp. butter
Creole Seasoning (I used Zatarain's)

1.  In a small sauce pan or frying pan melt the butter over low heat.  Add the minced garlic once the butter is melted.  Make sure your heat is about as low as you can get or you will burn your garlic and it will get bitter. Stir frequently.
2.  While the garlic is in the pan on low, bring a pot of water to boil.
3.  Once the water is a rolling boil, carefully add the eggs.
4.  Cook the eggs for 5 minutes.  After they have cooked for five minutes, remove them from the boiling water and place into a cold water or ice bath.  This will prevent the eggs from cooking any further.
5.  Assemble your breakfast:
    --  Put the yogurt in the bottom of the bowl, make a small "nest" with a spoon so that you have a small "bowl" in your yogurt to slide your eggs into.
  --  Carefully crack the eggs and peel them.  You have to be delicate with this or you will break the yolk.  This is not a hard boiled egg or a jammy egg that can take alot of abuse, this is a soft boiled egg and it will be very squishy once you start peeling it and the shell begins to come off.
--  Once unpeeled, place the eggs in the yogurt "bowl".
--  Pour the garlic butter mixture over the egg and the yogurt.
--  Sprinkle with Creole seasoning to your taste. 
6.  Serve with toast for dipping.

Once you break the egg, the egg yolk, butter, garlic and yogurt start to mix.  It is so delicious!

As a bonus for this post, since so many people were enjoying the photos of my hammock outdoor space, I thought that I would share my inspiration photos. I took these from the internet, so these photos are not mine.
I love the rugs and the lights.  Since I didn't have the concrete patio, I only did the lights from this inspiration photo.

I love this hammock and the tiny table.  I feel that my hammock and table look remarkably like this.

This has the fireplace thing and a sitting area.  I think I want to see if I can create this when it starts to get cold.

Loving the baskets, pillows and birdcages in this one.  I also love the straw footstool/poof.  I haven't tried it yet, but I have found instructions how to recreate that poof using an old tire and rope.  Its on my list of things to do.  I'll let y'all know if works. :-)
I have added a throw rug since I took this picture.  I pick it up when I am not using the space because I don't want to kill the grass.

So, what do you think, did I channel my inspiration photos?

Well, that is it for this post.  Hope to post again very soon!

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