Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Quick Last Minute Present for Christmas (Coffee Cup Cozie) and a Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipe

Hello Everyone!
This has been a very busy holiday season for me.  I'm so behind that I haven't even put up a single Christmas tree.  That is very odd for me because I usually put up four Christmas trees and go crazy on the decorations. I also haven't been able to do several of the Christmas posts that I planned on doing.  So this post is for all of you that may be as behind as me this holiday season.

Isn't this the cutest vintage picture?  I remember my great grandmother used to have Christmas cards from the forties and fifties and this was one of the cards in the box.  I always loved it.

In my post on how to make your own Thanksgiving napkins, I told you to keep the sleeves of the flannel shirt as I was going to show you how to make them into a simple gift in a later post.

This is that post!  Today, I am going to show you how to make a flannel coffee cup cozie.  Honestly, this may be one of the simplest projects I will ever post.  But it is so darn cute!!!

Flannel Coffee Cup Cozie

I think that this makes a cute, inexpensive Christmas gift and it takes almost no time to make.  I used a chalkboard version of Not A Paper Cup that I found on eBay.  But you can use any cup that matches your cozie.  To complete the gift, put some dry coco or coffee into the mug.

I love the chalk board cup.  You can write your name on it, make a funny face, draw a picture, I just love the options that it allows.  This time I made a face and bow tie.  I think he looks adorable.

1 flannel shirt,XL
paper cup or I'm Not A Paper Cup mug or a mug of a similar shape

1.  Find a flannel shirt that has seen better days and you are willing to cut up.  In my case, I had cut off the sleeves of a flannel shirt that I had used to make Thanksgiving napkins; which is why mine is brown and cream.
2.  Undo all of the buttons on the sleeve to create a flat cutting area.
3.  Using fabric scissors, carefully cut along the edge of the hemmed side of the cuff.  I like to follow along the inside edge as it gets a closer cut to the outside edge.  Take your time doing this, you don't want it to look ragged.

4.  Button your cozie back together and put on a paper cup or a mug that is shaped like a paper cup.

And now that you have something to keep your cup warm, here is something delicious to put inside of it.  I don't drink coffee, and 'tis the season for cocoa so I am including this recipe that I found on for homemade cocoa for one.

I hope that you enjoy!

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