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Make a Hallloween Wreath for Under $20!!!!

Hello Everyone!
Okay, I tried, but I just can't wait!!!!!  I had to start sharing some of my Halloween craft ideas. I know that it is a week before we even get to October, but I figured a little early Halloween crafting isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I have several different easy Halloween crafts that I want to post this year, but I am going to start out with a super easy Halloween wreath.
I have something of an addiction to wreaths in general.  I love a wreath on my door for almost any occasion and Halloween is no exception.  I wish I could say that this wreath was my idea and creation, but in truth, it is a modification of a craft idea that I saw in a Better Homes and Gardens special Halloween Tricks & Treats magazine published in 2014.

Isn't this so cute?!?! I had to make one.  This is the original wreath which, they say, takes less than 10 minutes to make.

I saw this wreath and fell in love with it and just had to create it.  So I went on a search in Lowe's and Home Depot to find the ceiling medallion or at least to find one that looks a lot like it.  (I already had the orange glossy spray paint because my mother-in-law had already made her wreath and she was nice enough to give me the magazine and  her can with the leftover paint.) 
I found the medallion at Lowe's and was appalled to find out that it cost $30!  This went way over my top budget for wreaths--which is nothing over $20.  I was all set to go home empty handed when I spotted another medallion and had a Eureaka moment. They had a sort of circular medallion that, to me, looked like a white spider web.  And it was just $15!!!!  So I purchased it and decided that I would modify the wreath and make mine look a little more like a spider web.  It would take a little more time, but I was determined.
Here is the final result:

I know, it doesn't have quite the elegance of the other one.  But I still love it!

This is super easy to do, so the instructions for this are going to be virtually non-existent.


Super Easy Ceiling Medallion Halloween Wreath

1 unpainted ceiling medallion
1 can glossy orange spray paint
1 bottle glossy acrylic paint
1 small paint brush
1 can glossy clear enamel spray paint (optional)
1 decorative spider  (Or Halloween themed ornament of your choice)
1 black ribbon.  (You can use any width that you want, mine is 2 inches wide and I used some black and white ribbon that I already had from another project that I had previously purchased at Hobby Lobby.)

1.  In a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors, spray paint the ceiling medallion with the glossy orange paint.  I did three coats and let the paint dry for at least 15 minutes per coat. But how many coats you do is your own personal choice.  (I tend to do light coats and layer.  Others I know like to do one thick coat and then just leave it alone until it dries.)
2.  Once the orange paint was dry, I painted the raised "outline" areas of the medallion.  This created the look of the "web"
3.  Let sit overnight so paint can dry.
4.  Once paint is completely dry, spray with glossy clear enamel. (You don't have to do this stage, but it will help the black acrylic paint to stay on the medallion and not be so easy to scratch off.)
5.  Let the enamel dry.
6.  Measure your ribbon for how low you want your wreath to hang and how big you would like your bow to be. 
7.  Put the ribbon through the center whole with both sides of the ribbon being of equal length.
8.  Slide your spider ornament down the ribbon and center it in the center of the medallion.

I got my spider for $1.00 at Michael's.  I think that it is supposed to be one of those Halloween tree decorations as it came with both the wire that I used to hang it from the ribbon and a clip.  I loved that its body was faceted like a little black diamond.

9.  Tie the ribbon in a bow.
10.  Hang wreath using the knot part of the bow.

You are done.
And it was super easy to do.

I do have one piece of advice.  You may have noticed in the picture with the close up of the spider that there is a spot on the upper right area of the wreath where it looks like the paint has been "smooshed".  This was not like this when I finished the wreath last year.  This happened from storing the wreath in the attic and placing a plastic bag full of pine cones on top of it.  The extreme heat of the attic melted the wreath!!!!
So, if you live in Louisiana, store your wreath where it is air conditioned so that it doesn't melt in the attic.
Keep checking back in as I will be posting even more super easy and fun craft ideas for Halloween.  I will also post some super yummy Halloween inspired recipes!

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