Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dinner and a Movie - My Stay at Home Valentine's Day Plans

Hello Everyone!
Wooh!  We're not even two months into 2016 and it has already been a doozy for me.  First, my faithful steed, a Mini-Cooper lovingly named Deuce, completely died and had to go in for some major repairs. 

Who knew how important a power steering pump is for the running of your car?  (Just kidding, I knew - I was just in blithe denial for as long as possible because I was trying to hold off on repairs until I got my income tax return.)  Then my little baby, my sweet French bulldog, Basil got hurt.  I don't want to go into the details of what happened, for those of you who may be squeamish, but suffice it to say that he had to go to the doggie ophthalmologist  and have surgery on his left eye.

My Frenchie, Basil, in a clean laundry pile before his boo boo.

Since neither of these two events were exactly inexpensive, in fact, I think I can safely say they were both very expensive, I am living more frugally than normal to cover the added bills.  Rather than thinking of this as a minus, I have decided to look on it as a challenge and really put my frugal skills to the test.  I also am not going to use a lack of funds as an excuse to not have fun.
So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  It is always weird when Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday - at least it is for me.  Its even more weird if you live in Louisiana, because Mardi Gras is literally the day before Valentine's Day this year - which just makes for a holiday traffic jam.  While most people will try to celebrate on either the weekend before or after the actually day, I like to celebrate holidays on the actual holiday day. 
To do this during a week-day evening, I am opting on staying in this year.  This will also help me with my goal of living even more frugally.  After talking it over with my husband, we have decided that we will do a stay-at-home version of dinner and a movie.

For dinner, I am planning a dinner of steak and bleu tips, roasted potatoes, and garlic butter edamame sprinkled with truffle salt.  As all of these recipes, except for the potatoes, are new recipes for me and are based off of some of our favorite appetizers from a couple of our favorite local restaurants, I am not going to include the recipes in this post.  However, if they turn out, I will put them in a post this weekend.
The movie we will either rent from Amazon or Red Box. But we could just as easily go the free route and choose a dvd from our rather large dvd collection.  YouTube is also another option for watching free movies.  As we are true romantics, we are thinking of watching Thor: Ragnarok if we can find it.  More importantly than the movie is the popcorn.  I think many of you can agree with me that one of the best things about going to the theater and watching a movie is the popcorn with the extra butter.  Many theaters have gotten smart and now have the butter pump in a little popcorn station where you can put as much butter on your popcorn as you desire.  I love this!
Although movie butter microwaveable popcorn can be delicious, it's just not the same as dripping butter on your popcorn............ Until now!!!!
I don't know how long this has been out in stores, but I just discovered it in the last couple of weeks or so, and I am now practically an addict.  Orville Redenbacher's has put out a microwaveable popcorn that you can pour the butter over!!!  And they give you enough butter so that, if you like an obscene amount of butter, as I do, you will still be content.  (Probably.)  I use the whole pouch, but again, I have a true problem when it comes to buttered popcorn.
So for about $5.00 you can watch a movie and eat true theater butter popcorn and all without leaving the comfort of your own home.  What more could you ask for on a weekday holiday?

Well, I know this hasn't been the longest post, and I haven't shared any recipes or craft projects, but I hope that I have inspired you to maybe kick things up a just a little tomorrow to celebrate Valentine's Day - even if you are not part of a couple.  (No reason why you can't treat yourself to dinner and a movie.)

Well, keep your fingers crossed for me that my dishes turn out and I'll post more soon!

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